Meet The Team

The quality that The Learn to Swim Academy can offer rests almost entirely on the abilities of each teacher. We truly emphasis that each swim teacher is highly skilled with a passion for swimming and as manager I'm truly proud of the quality they deliver to each and every child.

Swim Manager

I've loved swimming since I was 3. I've always found peacefulness in hearing nothing but the sloshing of the water. Driven by my passion for being in the water I quickly progressed up the levels of my swim school and joined The City Of Cardiff Swimming club aged 8. The next 10 years of hard (& cold!) training, travelling up and down the UK were definitely some of the most challenging but rewarding times of my life. 

My love for swimming didn't stop when it was time to get a job, instead it lead me a path that I've found most rewarding, which is teaching others to swim. I've taught thousands of children across all age group and swim schools.  While definitely demanding, I've loved every moment. I get the most enjoyment from being that bridge for children when they're questioning their bravery. Getting them to overcome things like putting their face in the water, jumping in, swimming in the deep end or diving is when I really value my role. 

Now as the manger of the swim school I want to combine all I've learned from the countless hours swimming with the experience I've had teaching so many children. Offering a fun, rewarding and productive swimming academy.

Swim Teacher

I have been in swimming classes since a baby. I have done many sports throughout my life, however swimming was the one that I never wanted to quit. I went from learn to swim lessons to tri-sharks and by the age of 8 I was at neath swimming club. Since then it was non-stop swimming, travelling numerous weekends to go and compete across the country in swimming competitions, including winning welsh finals and making the welsh development squad when I was 14.

Since the age of 14 I have been on poolside learning how to teach and coach swimming. At the age of 16 I started it as a job and have not stoped since. Watching the swimmers improve and gain confidence in the water is the most rewarding feeling. Knowing that you have made a difference in someones life is such a good feeling.

Swim Teacher

My love for swimming began in swimming lessons as a child. I always enjoyed being underwater and my favourite stroke has always been breaststroke. I loved pushing myself and testing my limits. I progressed through the waves quickly and joined the City of Cardiff Swimming Club at age 8. I swam in the club for 10 years, reaching Welsh National level. While I don't compete anymore I still swim for pleasure in my own time and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. 

My love for swimming drove me to share my passion with others. For my DofE Gold I began volunteering for a disability swimming club. I quickly decided that swimming teaching was a job that I would love. I have now been teaching swimming for five years. My favourite part of teaching swimming to children is helping them to overcome fears and watching their confidence grow. I thoroughly enjoy working with children and my experience as a swimming teacher has led me to undertake a university Primary Education (QTS) course. My goals are to inspire and educate the next generation of learners, shaping the future of our world.

Swim Teacher

I’ve swam since I was born and joined CCSC at the age of 8. I quickly progressed through the squads at a young age and competed in arena leagues (Across the UK) and in Stuttgart twice which was great fun. My favourite part of swimming was competing. I quit swimming when I was 16 although continued to train myself.

I got offered a job to work with the Urdd after I left CCSC and have continued to work for other swimming companies. It is rewarding seeing children progress through the waves after putting in hard work and gaining confidence as the weeks go by. I hope to continue this job for the foreseeable future.

Swim Teacher

I have loved swimming since a very young age as I always enjoyed to swim to the bottom of the pool and look up to see the light hitting the top of the water whilst being in near silence. After swimming for some years, I eventually made the leap to begin swimming for my local club. This pushed my passion even further and after changing swimming clubs I found my footing to become as fast as I possibly could be.

During my time at my swimming club, I found a love for helping in our swim school. This started as just an in-pool helper however, my swim coach noticed this and helped me to get my job as a swim teacher. Due to being part of a swimming club, but also working for another swim school this has seen me teach many different ages and abilities of swimmers which has helped me to gain more and more experience and also a love for teaching.

Now, being here at City of Cardiff Swim School (a long way from home), I want all the swimmers to get the most out of the teaching and to also enjoy the water as much as I did when I was their age.

Swim Teacher

Growing up with a family of swimmers, I had no choice but to love the sport, having been submerged under water from the earliest stages of my life. I love the way swimming makes you feel like an aquatic animal and how it transports you to a different world, where time slows down.

My love for swimming soon had me joining my local swimming club at age 8, where I would spend the next 10 years competing, sometimes in the same competitions as my parents! 

When I became the oldest boy of my club, I was nominated team captain after the coach noticed my caring nature and desire to support others succeed. This also inspired my coach to encourage me to enrol onto a swimming teaching course and transfer my love for swimming to others which kick started my career in teaching at age 16.

I have been teaching swimming now for 8 years and have worked in various swim school across Cardiff and south Wales. Due to my ability to speak Welsh I have also taken crash courses of lessons solely in welsh. I love inspiring children to learn this valuable life skill and hopefully encourage the young generation to continue loving this skill as a sport and take the same journey I have. 


Our lifeguards are NPLQ qualified and really put the safety of the swimmers, staff and all those on poolside first. As manager, I can't commend them enough for how focused they remain as the hot poolside air slowly cooks them! 

Their responsibilities of ensuring safety is always met with enthusiasm and they go above and beyond this by making sure the poolside is clean and tidy. 

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đź“Ś 134 Cardiff Rd, Cardiff CF5 2YD


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